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We offers an opportunity to increase foot traffic and sales opportunities.

About... Get The Job I Want

We have over 20 years experience in preparing, placing, and referring Job Seekers.

For Job Seekers

“Get the Job I Want” is FREE for Job seekers and connects you with a variety of Job Links and Businesses such as Job Recruiters, Resume Writers, Job Certification businesses, Image Consultants, Life Coaches, etc… all in one central place.  “Get The Job I Want” provides Job Seekers with Job Service information such as pricings, and ratings of Businesses or Organizations based on other Job Seekers experiences.

For Businesses or Organizations

Looking to provide services to Job Seekers, the Get The Job I Want” online job services, business referral, and lead generation is the right solution for you.  By adding your Business or Organization listing, Get The Job I Want provides ways to increase your business foot traffic and sales while decreasing your cost of marketing and advertising.

Business and Organization Members Receive

Along with your Business / Organization Add Listing purchase, you’ll receive an Analytics Dashboard which provide customer traffic analytics to include;

  1. Total number of visits and views to your listing.
  2. Total number leads for your listing.
  3. Total number of reviews of your listing.
  4. Customer ratings

All of these tools are for you to acquire, review, analyze, and manage the number of people who access your listing account for the purpose of increasing sales of yours services and products.

Ratings and Reviews

Job Seekers can provide reviews for your business or organization based on their experience and opinion of your services and/or consulting.

Our Team

Our Team has over 20 years of experience in preparing, placing, and referring Job Seekers for successful job opportunities and employment.

We provide as many job services and referred employment opportunities to our clients as possible in an effort to make our Job Seekers top job candidates, and our Business clients more profitable.

We’ve worked hand in hand with fortune 50, 100 and 500 companies over the years to determine what it takes to make our Job Seekers top job candidates and prospects.  By referring our clients to a variety of job services we provide our Business Clients with more customers i.e. more online foot traffic, which in turn leads to more sales and increased revenues and profits.

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